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Hey, I'm Shaynedonovan! Schöen dich kennen zu lernen!

Let me start by saying THANK YOU.png
because it means the world to me that you want to know more! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
And now, without further adieu, let me tell you about me...
First things first. I am profoundly deaf. CAPITAL D-E-A-F. That’s right.I cannot hear. Are you scared now? Haha, please don’t be scared! I need my eyes to take pictures, not my ears! Because of that, I work primarily as a caregiver taking care of adults with disabilities such as being deaf + blind, living with autism, and the like. I am originally from Germany, born and raised, and I know three different sign languages and two written languages (oh, and just in case you’re not sure what the headline up above says, it means “nice to meet you” in German). Full disclosure, English is my fifth language so I may not write with  proper grammar, so please bear with me (I totally had someone proofread and edit this for me LOL).

But who exactly am I, you ask?.png
Well, I’m a wild child and a risk taker. I’m an all smiles and positive vibes kind of guy. I’m the person that sees the good in everybody and in every situation. I may be deaf but I’ve got rhythm in my blood and GIFs of me twerkin’ on nearly hike or adventure I go on. I’m highly energetic and always happy. Most of all, I’m free-spirited and I empathize and connect with people so naturally and easily - I know life isn’t always easy because I’ve been through some things too. I’ve been around the globe, seen more countries than I can count on my fingers and toes, and I’ve made friends in nearly every corner of the world.


venture on down below for some fun facts and to learn about my mini-family.


Lava is a 2 year old German Shorthaired Pointer who is overly affectionate, full of energy (like, no joke), and craves ALL. THE. ATTENTION. He doesn’t care who you are or how many times he’s been trained not to jump on people, HE WILL JUMP ON EVERY SINGLE PERSON HE SEES to try and say hello. He will never, ever leave us the *bleep* alone, but he truly is the biggest sweetheart. Literally cuteness overload. I love him so much. And please, please understand that the name may be LAVA but SHE is a HE! Oh, and he always loves to steal bones from his older brother.

mountain-drawing-outline-7 copy.png

- Milkshake Freak (Chocolate-give me a chocolate milkshake *made thin please!* and you'll be my best friend forever!)

- Queen of booty shakin’

- Been to over 40 different countries and counting

- Biracial, black + white, German American

- 2 deaf siblings (both still live in Germany)

- Very competitive (that means I’m good at everything - sports, cooking, you name it!)

- Spontaneous (basically I do everything last minute, oops!)

- GIF ***OBSESSED*** since as early as I can remember taking my first photos

- HATE olives. Gross.

- Crazy about crêpes

- Love coming up with inside jokes with everyone because laughing is the best

- Truly love my dogs more than I love any human being on earth

- Intoxicated by photography, DUH!

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